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AIdeology at GITEX Global

Actualizado: 5 abr

AIdeology partners with VAST Data and Lenovo at GITEX Dubai, the biggest tech startup show on the planet

This time, our team was at two booths! We partnered with VAST Data where we showcased the VAST Data Platform paired with the NVIDIA DGX Platform at Stand A40 in Hall 4, and with Lenovo, where we presented the Lenovo OVX Everyscale Solution in combination with NVIDIA Omniverse at Stand A50 in Hall 6. People could see our team from the 16th to the 20th of October!

Lenovo gave us the opportunity to explain both how their solution focused on powering Digital Twins and our capabilities to develop tailor-made digital twins solutions.

We focused on the impact of digital twins across various industries. This included their application in the automotive sector to refine design and performance, their use in telecommunications for network optimization, and their role in energy for asset management. They advanced transportation systems, streamlined logistics operations, and enhanced the development of real estate and smart cities, among many others!

As always, we had interactive demos powered with the VARJO XR3 headset, which we also used to present our latest real estate & smart city digital twin project that we developed earlier that year. People had to come to learn more.

We were also thrilled to announce that we presented alongside the VAST Data team, their platform which is Certified for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD!

Showcasing how the VAST Data Platform paired with NVIDIA DGX Supercomputers has the key advantage of enterprise NAS simplicity was our goal. This solution offered the performance to meet demanding AI workloads, non-stop operations, and unparalleled uptime.

It was absolutely thrilling being able to present and talk about the latest project we did together in the UAE Region!

What sets VAST Data apart from other storage companies?

VAST Data is a storage company that offers an all-flash storage platform designed to simplify data center operations and reduce the complexity traditionally associated with storage infrastructure. Here are some key elements of the VAST Data platform:

  1. Universal Storage: VAST Data's platform is often referred to as "universal storage," which means it's designed to consolidate all types of workloads (files, objects, etc.) on a single platform. This approach aims to eliminate the traditional silos of storage infrastructure, like separate file storage (NAS) and object storage.

  2. All-Flash Performance: The platform uses flash memory for all data, not just hot or active data. This provides high-performance access speeds for all workloads, which is particularly beneficial for applications that require quick data retrieval and processing, such as analytics and AI.

  3. Disaggregated, Shared-Everything Architecture: VAST Data uses a unique architecture that disaggregates storage and compute, which allows for independent scaling of each component. This architecture ensures that resources are used efficiently and can be scaled out linearly to meet demand.

  4. Data Reduction Technologies: The platform employs advanced data reduction technologies, such as compression and deduplication, to maximize storage efficiency, reducing the physical footprint and cost of data storage.

  5. QoS and Data Protection: VAST Data provides quality of service (QoS) and robust data protection features, ensuring that the storage is not only fast but also secure and reliable.

  6. Sustainability: By leveraging all-flash storage and data reduction technologies, VAST Data also contributes to energy-efficient data center operations, which is an increasingly important consideration for many organizations.

What is Lenovo Everyscale OVX?

Lenovo Eveyscale OVX is a robust server infrastructure aimed at providing a high-performance, scalable, and secure platform for virtualization needs, this solution is optimal for Digital Twins, particularly when it comes to managing the complexities and demands of creating and maintaining digital twins within NVIDIA's Omniverse platform. Here are some features that makes this solution interesting:

  1. High-Performance Computing Capabilities: Digital twin simulations in Omniverse require significant computational resources, especially for real-time rendering and physics simulations. Lenovo OVX Everscale provides the high-performance computing power necessary to handle these intensive tasks efficiently.

  2. Enhanced GPU Performance: NVIDIA Omniverse leverages GPU-accelerated computing for rendering and simulations. Lenovo OVX Everscale's integration with NVIDIA technology, including powerful GPUs, makes it an ideal platform for running GPU-intensive applications like Omniverse.

  3. Scalability: The scalability of Lenovo OVX Everscale is crucial for digital twin projects, which can vary greatly in size and complexity. The ability to scale resources up or down allows for efficient handling of varying workloads and the growth of the digital twin environment over time.

  4. Data Center Efficiency: Running digital twin simulations can be resource-intensive, potentially leading to high energy consumption and heat generation. Lenovo OVX Everscale is designed to optimize power consumption and cooling, which is essential for maintaining cost-effective and sustainable data center operations.

  5. Integration Capabilities: Lenovo OVX Everscale's ability to integrate with various software and systems is vital for digital twins, which often need to pull data from multiple sources and work with different tools and platforms.

  6. Security: Digital twins can contain sensitive or proprietary data, making security a top priority. Lenovo OVX Everscale provides robust security features to protect data and ensure secure operations.

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