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About us


At AIdeology, we define ourselves as an AI-Native company that aims to help customers become AI Enterprise Companies, by going beyond automating and improving tasks; using AI to fundamentally re-imagine their business models and creating new value propositions for their customers.

Who we are, is a certified NVIDIA Solution Provider that specializes in offering cutting-edge AI systems and contemporary technology solutions. As the extended commercial operation of Azken Muga, a 25-year-old technology company headquartered in Madrid Spain, pioneering NVIDIA's solutions in Europe since 2004, we have achieved top certification - Elite - in all NVIDIA solution categories: Compute, DGX, Visualization, Virtualization, Networking, and Omniverse.

This affiliation, coupled with our growing Middle East operation, makes a one-stop-shop for AI infrastructure acceleration requirements. We have extensive experience working with Higher Education and Research entities, as they were the first adopters of DGX technology.


Partnering AI disruptors & Leaders

Partnerships that allow us to access cutting-edge technology, knowledge, and resources that drive innovation and enable us to stay at the forefront of the industry.


AI Solution provider


AI-Native company

As a business, we have adopted AI into the very fabric of our strategy, operations, and ethos.

Our formula

Increase the speed of GenAI and 3D AI adoption

From day one, we have fully embraced AI to stay at the forefront of this technology leap. We pioneer the adoption and commercialization of HPC AI, Generative AI and 3D AI for our company selecting key brands as our target partners and customers.

Our team's human resources strategy emphasizes a unique blend of youthful enthusiasm and expertise, multidisciplinary knowledge, seasoned enterprise experience, and diversity to ensure swift adaptation to the rapidly evolving AI landscape.


This fusion of perspectives fosters a dynamic and innovative environment where fresh ideas converge with industry insights, propelling our Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies forward with agility.

Young talent + Experience = Innovation

Jorge Colotto

After career spanning three decades in international sales and management at Hewlett-Packard Co. and AWS, with leadership roles across regions creating a multicultural background and technical expertise, in 2021, I embarked on an exhilarating journey by founding and launching AIdeology. []( has now obtained NVIDIA´s Elite certifications for AI DGX, Networking and Services as we continue establishing a strong operation with the most innovative customers in the Middle East. We have also signed agreements with other key AI ecosystem stakeholders to provide and e2e solution. Join us to explore the forefront of accelerated computing solutions as we continue looking into building long-lasting partner and customer relationships!

Founder & CEO

Rafa Lainez

​I have been the General Manager at Azken Muga for the past 25 years, pioneering computing and visualization solutions. Having collaborated with NVIDIA as elite vendor for 18 years we have an established installed base of customers using Compute, Virtualization, and Professional Visualization solutions in Iberia, Europe, Latin America, and Northern Africa. Joining as co-founder allowed me to continue my passion for customers and technology extending to the Middle East and Africa my venture investment.


​Paula Miret

Graduating with Honors in Mathematics from NYU Abu Dhabi, I've come to recognize the vast opportunities for technological innovation in the Middle East. My entrepreneurial spirit and unceasing curiosity lead me to foster innovation throughout my career journey, which has spanned from the governmental intelligence sector to founding and growing startups. As the Chief Technology Officer at AIdeology, I am dedicated to guiding our company's technical strategy, ensuring we are at the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving technology landscape in the Gulf region. I serve as the primary technical liaison, actively enhancing AIdeology’s relationships within the AI ecosystem. My efforts are focused on fostering partnerships that strengthen our product offerings and solidify our position in the market.


Santi Mundi

Since college – where I obtained Telecommunications Engineer & MBA degrees – I've been fascinated with the impact of emerging technologies. Spending my initial professional years working in Europe and Latin America helped shape my multi-cultural background; the decision to join as the first employee has helped meet the Middle East and be part of the AI revolution in this region. In my current role as Business Developer Lead, I help our customers align their business objectives with NVIDIA and its partners´ accelerated computing solutions. Working on HPC AI cloud solutions by implementing complex HW and SW infrastructure to run the latest LLM algorithms, or deploying the first Digital Twin solutions is challenging and exciting.

Business Development Lead

Marti Ollé

For the past few years, I have been working in the deployment of advance infrastructure of customers in the Media and Entertainment business. The deployment of complex networks, compute and storage solutions in new and existing Data Centers helped created my understanding – and passion – for supporting the design, deployment, and operation of innovative IT solutions. In I am responsible for the technical presales and delivery activities. We design and implement the latest NVIDIA solutions including DGX A100/H100 SuperPOD clusters, Mellanox InfiniBand solutions or key storage implementations from partners like DDN, VAST Data or NetApp. Been at the forefront of AI Infrastructure implementations is fuelling my passion for technology.

Presales and Delivery Lead

​Agustin Colotto

Having pursued a rigorous academic journey in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at University of Nottingham, helped me continue my coding learning. Working with C, Python, and Java languages on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, or Human-AI interaction programs, is shaping me awareness of the dynamic AI landscape. My year of continuous to increase my knowledge of metaverse and AR/VR experiences, web/software development, or complex AI cluster infrastructure deployment while I support customers and partners in key technology events in the Middle East and Africa. To work in an AI startup with the most advanced AI innovators in our regions is never boring!

AI Solutions Lead

Alex Alomar

Besides my Informatics Engineering studies and professional volleyball past, I have been passionate about Digital Marketing and content creation. My curiosity pushes me to seek for new challenges and opportunities, collaborating and connecting with like-minded professionals to engage in meaningful knowledge exchange. Joining and getting NVIDIA certifications on AI Cloud, DGX solutions or the Omniverse Platform is the right step forward to learn about the AI revolution. Supporting the company´s initial marketing efforts allows me to enjoy events like Gitex in Dubai and Marrakesh, or Leap in Riyadh producing life demonstrations of Digital Twins or accelerate compute DGX solutions with key partners like Lenovo. Follow our LinkedIn page to learn about our most recent news and announcements.

Marketing Lead

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