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AI Consulting

From the beginning, we have fully embraced AI to stay at the forefront of this technological leap. We led the way in adopting Generative AI within companies' daily workloads to boost productivity and output.

Increase the speed of GenAI Adoption






We assist companies in understanding their daily challenges and processes, and we propose solutions using Gen-AI.


Gen-AI models

We help companies implement different specialized generative AI models into their workflow depending on the specific needs of the task that needs to be developed.



We aid companies in planning and fortifying their data assets against threats. With advanced technologies and tailored strategies, we secure valuable data, ensuring business resilience.


Automation and Integration

We integrate automated solutions powered by Gen-AI into workflows, boosting productivity and innovation. Our tailored services ensure smooth adoption and maximum efficiency.



We guide companies in selecting optimal hardware for their data infrastructure. Through analysis and expertise, we enhance storage and processing efficiency for seamless operations.


Hardware Infrastructure

We assist companies in understanding and planning their computing needs, tailored to their unique demands.


Our focus

Evolve businesses into AI enterprise integration

We integrate the best AI models ensuring you access to the most advanced tools at any given time and unlock a new dimension of possibilities in the business realm.

Our Generative-AI approach

The fundamental pillars of our approach

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Generative AI Models Customization

We are is capable of integrating various GenAI models ensuring always the access to the most advanced and/or appropriate model based on the specific needs or use case.

Data Security & Management

Allowing the collaboration of different members of a team to work together using Generative AI.

Process Automation & Integration

With some of the most popular applications of the market.


Allowing the collaboration of different members of a team to work together using Generative AI.

Our Generative-AI solution


Maind is a Generative AI as a Service (Gen AIaaS) platform. It allows companies to collaboratively use multiple GenAI solutions with their own data. This provides a tailored interaction with Large Language Models (LLMs), offering advanced customization and functionality.

Our consulting partner ecosystem

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