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AIdeology at the Circuit of Catalunya with Lenovo and Aston Martin

Actualizado: 5 abr

We went to showcase Aston Martin's Digital Twin with Lenovo and Varjo

We joined forces with the Lenovo team again to showcase the prowess of Aston Martin's high-performance DBX in human-eye resolution VR and XR powered by the Lenovo ThinkStation P7 with NVIDIA RTX A6000 and the latest Varjo XR-3.

In that private event, we supported Lenovo with the installation and implementation of the workstation and digital twin, providing a seamless XR experience to all the team.

The event was held at the famous F1 Circuit of Catalunya, where Aston Martin showed alongside their Digital Twin, their two main cars, the Aston Martin DBX and the Aston Martin DBS.

Supporting Lenovo in those projects was always a nice experience. Its always nice working with our partners, who are at the technological forefront, exploring new ways to experience things and pushing the boundaries of tech and innovation.

What were the reasons that led Aston Martin o create a digital twin of their DBX model?

Creating a digital twin of the DBX model was a strategic move by Aston Martin to enhance customer engagement and streamline design processes. Collaborating with Lenovo and Varjo, they've leveraged virtual and mixed reality technologies to offer a detailed and interactive experience of their luxury SUV. This initiative addresses the challenges of the pandemic, which limited in-person interactions at dealerships and collaborative design efforts. The digital twin not only facilitates a better customer experience but also aids in remote collaboration among designers. Aston Martin's use of these technologies is set to expand into other areas such as dealer training and marketing, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and customer service.


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