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HGX Platform

AI, complex simulations, and massive datasets require multiple GPUs with extremely fast interconnections and a fully accelerated software stack. The NVIDIA HGX AI supercomputing platform brings together the full power of NVIDIA GPUs, NVLink, NVIDIA networking, and fully optimized AI and high-performance computing (HPC) software stacks to provide the highest application performance and drive the fastest time to insights.

​The Pinnacle of Enterprise AI Performance

​​NVIDIA HGX Servers

​​NVIDIA HGX is available in single baseboards with X4 or X8 GPU Configurations

Unmatched End-to-End Accelerated Computing Platform

Up to 5X Faster Training at Scale

NVIDIA H200 and H100 GPUs feature the Transformer Engine, with FP8 precision, that provides up to 5X faster training over the previous GPU generation for large language models.

Up to 30X Higher AI Inference Performance on the Largest Models

HGX H200 and HGX H100 further extend NVIDIA’s market-leading inference leadership, accelerating inference by up to 30X over the prior generation on Megatron 530 billion parameter chatbots.

Up to 110X Higher Performance for HPC Applications

Memory bandwidth is crucial for high-performance computing applications as it enables faster data transfer, reducing complex processing bottlenecks. For memory-intensive HPC applications like simulations, scientific research, and artificial intelligence, H200’s higher memory bandwidth ensures that data can be accessed and manipulated efficiently, leading up to 110X faster time to results compared to CPUs.

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